For more details please contact Joe on 0419 008 006 or joe@jzedholden6.com.au
The J.ZED Head Package Includes:
J.ZED cast alloy head   J.ZED cast alloy rocker cover   J.ZED cast alloy 3 x Weber Manifolds   
J.ZED 1.9" inlet valves x 6   J.ZED 1.5" exhaust valves x 6   12 x 1.5-1.55" valve springs to suit either flat tappet or roller cam   12 x chromoly valve spring retainers and 10deg collets     Exhaust flanges (not shown)   O-rings to suit inlet ports and rocker cover plus rocker cover retaining bolts   Manganese bronze valve guides fitted and honed to suit the valves   Tool steel tungsten carbide valve seats, with additives to impart high temperature lubricant properties. Suitable for both unleaded and LPG
We can supply all parts of the J.ZED package individually, so please let us know what you require.
These are our all out throttle bodies for extreme motors.  These manifolds have, until now, been produced to suit mechanical injectors and have extra large 2 ¼” approx. 57mm butterflies.  We are now working on modifying these manifolds to suit EFI and also reducing the butterflies to 50mm which should suit a wider variety of street or competition uses.
The valves are custom made to fit the J.ZED head.  The inlets measure 1.9” and the exhausts are 1.5”.  The valve stems are longer to suit the 1.5”-1.55” dual valve springs, thus enabling valve lifts of .700 thou or more.  Spring retainers are chromoly and have 10deg keepers.  Both inlet and exhaust valves are manufactured from 21-4N material and have undercut stems to enhance flow
The J.ZED Weber manifolds will accept 45-50mm carburetors.  We have used them for 55mm units, but things are getting a bit tight. EFI units with Weber bolt pattern are available from other sources and work extremely well on the J.ZED head
We settled on items specifically designed to suit our application and they come in 1:7 to 1 ratio.  These platinum dual shaft rockers are designed for high rpm stability.  Guide plates are not required.
When we commissioned Kit Cullen to create the casting patterns for these side plates our instructions were to incorporate “J.ZED HOLDEN” on them but Kit felt we should commorate our 7.7 second runs with our J.ZED HOLDEN 6 DRAGSTER, so that’s what we got.  I guess we will have to create some new ones when someone runs a 6 second run with the J.ZED HEAD!!
Long rods, Short rods, H beam rods, I beam rods, Aluminium rods, just let us know what you need and we will let you know if it's available.
Like wise for the pistons, we can do thick crown, lightweight versions, gas ported, etc.
For more details please contact Joe on 0419 008 006 or joe@jzedholden6.com.au

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