The J.ZED Holden 6 Performance concept evolved in 2002.
Frank Duggan the renowned designer of high performance cylinder heads for both Holden and Chevy motors was approaching retirement and he was more interested in golfing and less interested in manufacturing a cylinder head for my supercharged Holden 6 project. This led to several casual conversations, where I suggested he sell his downdraft Holden 6 patterns to me.
To my surprise, Frank called me one day and the deal was done.

Frank Duggan’s original concept lives on in my J.ZED Head.  The basic concept is still cutting edge but many changes have been introduced to improve the performance and reliability.

The components we sell have been used in the motor of our J.ZED  front engined Dragster to set ANDRA National and strip records, so you use what we use.
So if you are, like me, a Holden 6 fanatic, drop me a line or call. I will do my best to help you make serious horsepower.

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