The J.ZED Dragster
The J.ZED front engine Dragster was built by my cousin Angelo Di Bella (Di Bella Engineering) and myself over many months. The objective was to build the fastest ever Holden 6 powered car in the world.
The car was build in a standard double garage, so the chromoly chassis could only stretch to around 180 inches in wheelbase. The motor was moved much further forward than conventional rails, so that we could keep the front wheels on the strip; however we never run without wheelie bars.
Standard equipment included a 2 speed power glide, Datsun diff with spool (now 9" Ford), lightweight front axle and a very flexible chassis.
The blown motor ran a stock red crank and grout filled block, J.ZED alloy head, solid roller cam, a tiny 2100 Whipple blower. With a Geoff Ramsay built blower manifold and components. The basic methanol tune us was set up by Maurice Fabietti but the final tune up was mathematically created and installed by our dear departed friend Sean Brown, boy we miss him.
Our first full quarter mile pass was achieved at Heathcote Park Drag way in Victoria. Anyone who has raced there can tell you that traction is sometimes lacking,  but we still managed an 8.20 pass and the motor ran sweetly.
The 2002 Winter Nationals fully revealed the car's potential where it ran, first a 7.80, then a string of 7.70's, all shutting down around the 1000ft mark as the ring blow by was so great that my helmet was covered with oil on every pass. Oh well we still ran 168 mph and I know we could have run into the 170 mph range if things were different.
Lots of people ask me why I don't still run the blown motor. The basic reason is that the blower rotors came loose and we could never get the car to run the same and getting another blower was not an option as Whipple stopped making that model. The other reason was that we wanted to run our naturally aspirated motor in the 8 second mark and whilst we have achieved that by running and 8.90 run at 146 mph, we now have put together a more powerful combination making over 420 hp and over 300ft lb of torque, so we will see how quick we can get the thing down the track before we go back to an even more powerful blown motor.
We have customers all over Australia and New Zealand using our heads and components on carburetted, injected and ever turbo motors are in the build, so there is still plenty of life left in the old if we could just produce a block strong enough to REV these things over 10,000 rpm, you watch how the horsepower would climb!

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